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Master of Science | Ocean Sciences
University of California Santa Cruz


A Little About Me

I recently completed my MSc. degree focused in Ocean Sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz, studying the ecophysiology of Arctic seals. I worked with eight animal ambassadors to help me answer questions about how ice-dependent seals manage energy and thermoregulation, molt, and live a semi-aquatic lifestyle in an ecosystem that is on the forefront of a major climatic shift. I have an affinity for open-flow respirometry, and am inspired by the potential uses of biomedical imaging and other emerging technologies to better understand physiology, behavioral ecology, and population-level dynamics. I hope to continue to study ecophysiology, but I'm also eager to explore other fields in conservation science, policy, and community outreach. In my free time you can find me training for an upcoming thru-hike, drinking hard kombucha on the beach, reading anything sci-fi, or listening to true crime podcasts. Let's get in touch!

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